Roof Maintenance: 4 Ways to Care for Your Roof

With summer right around the corner in Pitt Meadows, you might be starting your outdoor spring cleanup. But when was the last time you inspected your roof?

A roof is a large investment, and it works hard all year long sheltering you from the elements outside. You can protect your investment with a little routine maintenance. Preventative care for your roof will help you avoid costly repairs. Even old roofs benefit from a regular maintenance, and if your roof needs a little TLC call in a roofing company like Ridge Meadow Roofing Inc for repairs! Here are four ways to prolong the life of your roof.

Annual Roof Care Checklist

1. Look for Weak Points or Strain in the Roof.
Your first step is doing an overall assessment of the roof’s condition. Check caulking for cracks and reapply where necessary. Loose, curled, missing or broken shingles will need replacing. Rust, moss, and lichen may be signs of decay and should be assessed by a professional roofer in Pitt Meadows.

2. Clean the Gutters and Valleys.

Remove leaves, twigs and other debris from gutters and downpipes. This should be done in the spring and fall so that the roof can efficiently move water into the gutter system and far from your home. If there’s rust forming in the valleys, use a wire brush to scrape it off and sweep it away with a broom. Apply two or three coats of rust inhibiting spray paint on the sheet metal to prevent it from coming back.

3. Trim Overhanging Branches.
Squirrels and other rodents are a problem for roofs as they tend to gnaw on the shingles and siding. To keep pests at bay, trim tree branches 10 feet away from your roof. That will also prevent branches from scraping and banging against your roof in high winds which will eventually cause damage.

4. Low-pressure Roof Cleaning to Remove Moss and Hard to Clean Debris.
It’s common for composition roofs to become covered in a harmless, though unsightly, black algae. Cleaning the roof with a mixture of chlorine and water can take care of it. Moss is a bigger problem because it traps water. That can lead to a leaky roof. If it’s just starting to grow, you can sweep it off. If there’s a large buildup, you will need professional assistance.

If you’re unable to do a roof inspection yourself or if you’ve found any damage, it’s time to call a roofing company in Pitt Meadows.

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