Can a New Roof Increase Your Home's Resale Value?

When people think of renovations and home improvement projects that could increase the value of their home, they are more likely to think of projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations rather than of new asphalt roofing. However, hiring roofers such as Ridge Meadow Roofing Inc to install a new roof on your home can actually be a fantastic way to increase your home's potential resale value.

How much of an increase in home value you can expect will largely depend on factors such as the state of your current roof and the age of your home. However, it is not unreasonable to expect a 60 to 70% return on investment on roofing.

Improve Curbside Appeal
One of the main reasons why a new roof is a good way to increase a home's resale value is simply because it can greatly increase a home's curbside appeal. A roof that is old, damaged, and sagging is not going to attract too many potential buyers, and a roof that is leaking and leaving obvious signs of water damage on your home's walls and ceiling even less so. New asphalt shingles will not only take care of any such problems, but they also come in a variety of attractive textures and colours that you can use to really enhance your overall home exterior.

Energy Efficiency Benefits
New roofing can additionally increase the resale value of your home and save you money by making your home more energy efficient. Homes can lose a lot of their heat through their roofs, and, as an older roof sustains wear and damage over time, your energy bills are likely to increase. Investing in a new roof can significantly cut down on heating and cooling costs, which can also be a great selling point. People are more likely to consider buying a house with lower energy bills.

An Investment that Lasts
Prospective homebuyers can also be swayed to increase how much they are willing to spend by knowing that they won't have to sink money into roof repairs or an entire roof replacement shortly after purchasing a new home. Unless someone is specifically looking for a fixer-upper, they won't mind one but that the roof on their new home won't need attention for a long time to come. A newly installed asphalt roof can last for several decades if well maintained.

A new roof is a major investment, so you need to ensure that it is installed using only quality materials and reliable techniques. You'll get the largest return on your investment and increase in home value if you choose to work with trusted and established roofers who don't sacrifice quality by cutting corners.

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